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The York School is an in-demand destination for educators with international experience, a background in the IB programme, a collaborative approach to teaching and learning, and an ongoing commitment to professional development.
Like our students, teachers at The York School are inquiring, knowledgeable, caring and engaged citizens of the world. Leaders in their field, they are open to change and committed to improving lives through education.
Because of our vibrant professional learning community, highly interested students and supportive parent body, teachers at The York School find their work highly rewarding and rarely leave. Ours is a stable environment of established professionals with little turnover in staffing from year to year.
If you are interested in pursuing an opportunity to work at The York School, please use our Apply button.

Please note that you will be asked to select a category in the first step. Teachers will select "Teachers" and non-teaching staff will select "Manager and Professional".

Current Career Opportunities:

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  • Supply Teachers - Middle and Senior School

    Supply Teachers - Middle and Senior School
    The York School is a coeducational, independent day school, renowned for its challenging academic International Baccalaureate programme and its commitment to experiential learning.
    We welcome applications from dynamic and innovative teachers who enjoy collaborating with other teachers, and who wish to participate fully in the life of the school.
    Position Summary:
    The York School is looking for supply teachers for the Middle and Senior School divisions. The successful candidates will report to the Principals of the Middle and Senior Schools.
    Key Responsibilities:
    • Perform all regular teaching duties
    • Understand and follow relevant school procedures, including emergency procedures
    • Set a proper example, at all times, for students and other community members
    • Take direction from the Middle and/or Senior School Principals
    • Reports all student injuries, accidents, illnesses, and discipline problems to the appropriate authority immediately or as soon as is reasonably possible;
    • Implements lesson plans, while ensuring the integrity of academic time and in a manner which motivates students to learn and participate
    • Organizes students for effective instruction
    • Dismisses all students from the classroom before leaving the building
    • Completes a Substitute Teacher Report Form for the regular classroom teacher
    • Complies with and supports school and state regulations and policies
    • Performs other related duties as assigned by building administrator(s) in accordance with school policies and practices.
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