Our Approach to Technology

Growing up in today's technological world full of devices and apps gives our young people an advantage when it comes to digital literacy and competency. At the Senior School, we offer a progressive approach to technology that builds on a student's existing knowledge by providing them with the right tools and the most up-to-date training necessary to take them to the next level.

We offer a culture of creativity that inspires teachers and students to think differently, explore confidently and adapt skillfully. This approach means that we are constantly searching for technological opportunities that will enhance learning.

Technology has always driven the tradition of innovation at The York School. Our capacity for change made us one of the first schools in Canada to offer a one-to-one laptop programme. Being at the forefront of innovation among independent schools means constantly searching for the next horizon.

When exploring options and making choices about technology in the classroom, we focus on ways to enrich the IB inquiry method and to empower students and teachers to access the full potential of their imaginations.

Led by our Learning, Technology & Innovation department, the school constantly adapts to technological opportunities that arise and responds with new initiatives and programmes. We regularly assess the needs of our community and participate in a rigorous process of goal setting and reflection each year.

Technology in the Classroom
As a fully "wired" school, The York School continues to integrate technology in innovative ways while ensuring that students and faculty use these tools proficiently and responsibly.

Led by our one-to-one laptop programme in the Middle and Senior School, our students have constant access to the resources they need, including a secure, robust and wireless LAN, numerous printers and scanners, and digital cameras, voice recorders, digital probes and tablets. We also equip every classroom with a mounted digital projector, interactive whiteboard and audio equipment. Wireless access points throughout the school ensure connection to online encyclopedias, databases, news services, global communications and video-streaming in every room.

Learning Anywhere, Anytime = Blackboard (LMS)
Learning in the Middle School is directly supported by the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS). This learning portal provides students with personalized access to unit materials, assignments, research tools and course announcements. Blackboard is updated daily by all faculty and should be the first place a student checks following an absence. Blackboard can be accessed directly via yorkschool.blackboard.com or YorkNet. At the beginning of each academic year, parents are given “observer” role accounts so that they can follow along with the learning, homework and assignment due dates. Sign-in information for Blackboard is sent to parents in the summer but as a general rule, the username is: firstname+lastname (“johnsmith”) and the password is: the first 5 digits of your school accounting number. For further questions about Blackboard or to get help, please contact the I.T. Help Desk Desk at 416-926-1325 ext. 1204 or Neil Moir nmoir@yorkschool.com  Click here to review the login process (video).
Powered by Google: The Chrome browser & Google Drive
The York School is powered by the Google Suite of educational apps and tools. This is learning toolkit is managed through the use of the Google Chrome browser. Students are to use this as their primary academic browser and are encouraged to use multiple Chrome profiles should they have personal Gmail accounts. Students and teachers use Google Drive on a daily basis to create, collaborate and feedback on assignments and work. At the start of the school year, students will receive school-managed course folders. These Google Drive folders will serve as their primary personal storage for all academic materials. Students will also be guided on how to set up and manage Google Drive Cloud-Sync

I.T. Support
Our success as innovators requires a high degree of technical support. We have resources in place to ensure that all of our programmes run smoothly. Support includes:

  • A help desk operated by dedicated IT staff that is available year-round for software and hardware support and computer repair.
  • Technology and Learning Specialists who guide students and teachers through technology initiatives, issues and projects.
  • Specific technology classes and individual sessions to assist students with a wide array of issues and processes.
  • The school invests heavily in professional development for classroom teachers and technology integration specialists to ensure that their skills and knowledge are current.
  • Support can be engaged by emailing helpdesk@yorkschool.com
Digital Citizenship Resources
Teenagers today are developing a deep appreciation of their digital footprint, and the impact social media can have on their lives and the lives of others. As a school, we take responsibility for assisting students as they navigate through the complexities and challenges of their online experience.

The York School’s Wellness team and Learning, Technology & Innovation Department created Digital Citizenship Resources which provide best practices and address risk factors involved with children on social media.

At school, we see many wonderful educational and community-building opportunities through social media and incorporate them into our classrooms when we can, but we also ensure students from a young age understand the responsibility that comes with having an online presence.

If you have any specific questions about social media and your children, please contact the Director of Learning, Innovation and Technology, Justin Medved.

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The York School is a gender-inclusive JK to Grade 12 independent school located in the heart of Toronto. The York School was founded in 1965 and is the first school in Canada accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) from junior kindergarten (JK) to university entrance. As an IB World School, The York School's motto is Experientia Docet or Experience Teaches.

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