Innovate to Educate.
At The York School, our approach to technology is not about gadgets and gizmos. It is about a progressive approach to education and a school-wide commitment to innovation.
At every level of the School, we offer a culture of creativity that inspires teachers and students to think differently, explore confidently and adapt skillfully. This approach means that we are constantly searching for technological opportunities that will enhance learning.
Technology has always driven the tradition of innovation at The York School. Fourteen years ago, our capacity for change made us one of the first schools in Canada to offer a one-to-one laptop program. Today, with only 20 Google-certified teachers in Canada, six of them work here. Being at the forefront of innovation among independent schools means constantly searching for the next horizon.
When exploring options and making choices about technology in the classroom, we focus on ways to enrich the IB inquiry method and to empower students and teachers to access the full potential of their imaginations. Technology provides a wonderful opportunity for teachers and students to share the journey of learning and break down barriers that limit exploration and discovery.
Led by our Learning, Technology and Innovation Department, the School constantly adapts to technological opportunities that arise and responds with new initiatives and programs. We regularly assess the needs of our community at the school, classroom, individual and faculty levels and participate in a rigorous process of goal setting and reflection each year.