Junior School Library

The Junior School Library is a central feature of the first floor and is a place where students develop a lifelong passion for reading and learning.

Our teacher librarian works with faculty and staff to teach students how to effectively use information resources and to develop the information literacy skills required for success in the 21st century.
Staff and students are provided with resources that:
  • support and enhance the IB curriculum and Learner Profile
  • promote lifelong learning and a love of language and literature
Our teacher librarian assists both faculty and students with their research and reading requirements through collaboration and shared teaching opportunities both in the classroom and in the library space.
Welcome to the Junior School Library!

Our Junior School Library is a place where students are taught valuable life skills.

Print Collection:
The York School libraries contain print resources to enrich programme offerings and help both students and faculty achieve their personal learning goals. These resources:
  • support the IB Learner Profile attributes
  • develop information literacy skills
  • embrace different approaches to learning
  • provide varied literature for reading pleasure
  • support York’s modern languages programme
  • present global points of view and encourage global mindedness
  • promote intercultural awareness
  • reflect critical thinking
  • promote inquiry

Digital Resources:
As part of The York School’s commitment to technology and to complement the school’s print collection, appropriate digital resources are made available to our students and faculty.
These include subscription databases, web portals, digital journals and subject-specific web pages that have been identified by our Teacher Librarians for suitability and relevance to the IB curriculum.
Through The York School’s online course management software, Blackboard, these resources are always available to the students in the classroom, the library and at home.

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