Our Mission

The York School’s mission to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are engaged citizens of the world is distinct among independent schools because it focuses on the strengths of our graduates rather than the features of our school.
The capacity for inquiry arises from curiosity, an inclination toward action and an ability to adapt. To be knowledgeable is to transform diverse ideas and experiences into integrated understanding. Caring flows from empathy, compassion and a genuine appreciation for community. And engaged citizens feel a sense of responsibility for personal, social and global progress.
To help our students develop these qualities, we provide a learning context that challenges, supports and inspires. The result? A school community that values individuals for their unique contribution and brings out the best in everyone.
Our approach to learning puts students at the centre of the process and builds on the International Baccalaureate’s world-leading, inquiry-based and interdisciplinary model. Our exceptional teachers have extensive international experience and integrate advanced technology into the curriculum to enhance our students' skills and understanding. And we provide interactive, hands-on learning experiences that solidify our students’ knowledge of themselves and their subjects.
Across the three divisions, we focus on developing the whole person through involvement in service learning, the arts, athletics, clubs and student leadership. Support and close relationships are a key priority at all times and students benefit from our inclusive approach. Our community is also international, multi-lingual and full of interesting people with diverse talents who are right at home in the rich urban centre that surrounds us.

20/20 Vision: Strategic Plan 2015-2020