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Where Everyday is Oceans Day

Today’s 11 year old Water Keepers learn from seasoned veterans. Grade 5 students share their passion to protect Oceans at year end exhibition
At year end in the Grade 5 International Baccalaureate Programme, students share their learnings with others in what’s called the Exhibition. This is where Primary Years Programme students are given free reign to research up and study something of their own interest to present to their classmates and community.  
Water makes up about 71% of the Earth's surface
Philip T has always had an interest in Oceans and sealife. When he and his mom Erica called Sea Shepherd asking if they could interview someone about their experience advocating for the oceans, they did not expect to get Captain Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd and the co-founder of GreenPeace on the line. The interview was thoughtfully prepared and fantastic, touching on everything from sea turtles, wild salmon and Ocean clean up. The knowledge shared and encouragement will have a lasting impact on Philip’s can-do approach to working with others to achieve anything you set your mind to. 

With similar passions on wanting to do more to protect the Oceans, Rowan F. and Titus interviewed Rachelle Young, grassroots project coordinator of Oceana. Well prepared, the students created questions, and asked the experts for their thoughts and insight. They talked about how ‘plastic is not fantastic.’ 
“Listening to these students having adult conversations with experienced experts about their passions was thrilling to hear,” said Karen McCallum Ryan, Director of Academic Operations. “When Rowan and Rachelle started talking about their shared love for sharks and what could be done to protect these majestic creatures, it was so inspiring.”   

In each case, the students had done their research, coming up with questions and asking the experts about their experiences and advice on how to protect the oceans. The students used these interviews in their inquiry which they presented this week! Fittingly, since June 8 is Ocean’s Day!    
This exhibition demonstrates the PYP learning approach where the students develop agency, come up with positive action, and see their role in the community.
Usually The York School commons area is set up to showcase all the great work from our students. This year, in an innovative twist, this exhibition was held virtually in GatherTown. While the ‘hallway buzz’ might have felt a bit muted in this format, the enthusiasm displayed by presenters and visitors was another example of the spirit of learning at The York School!     

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