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  • Dear parents, it’s going to be okay

    The global pandemic or COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on our lives and especially on our kids.
    I recently saw a meme that read, “I’m either coming out of this quarantine 20 lb. lighter, chakras balanced and a house full of completed craft projects or … 20 lb. heavier with an unhealthy relationship with Amazon,” and I couldn’t help but laugh.
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  • Students in the woods

    From boots to snowshoes, a Toronto school ventures into the woods

    Ms. Sara Gardner is a Humanities and English teacher and leads The York School’s Integrated Canadian Experience (ICE) program

    Each year, grade nine students from The York School dive into the woods of Haliburton for several days as they brace themselves for an altogether new experience.
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  • How do we build a resilient city?

    The students of The York School investigate what it takes to build a resilient city. Each spring, Ms. Megan Gardner-Ross takes a group of World Issues and Geography students to the Mississippi delta and New Orleans to investigate how the area is recovering post Hurricane Katrina. 
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  • University counsellor helping student

    It's Not Like when We Applied for University

    An engaged high school guidance counsellor is a key team player in helping you reach your goals. A generation ago, the application process fro post-secondary education seemed straightforward.
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  • Student on video call

    How The York School pivoted in the face of the pandemic

    When the global pandemic hit North American shores in mid-March, schools across the GTA responded in different ways.
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  • How Toronto’s York School students are navigating the digital world

    Schools have always seen themselves as being responsible for helping to develop engaged citizens who go on to become positive and contributing members of society. Since the birth of the internet and the platforms that connect it, we have come to understand the powerful role it now plays in the maintenance of a functioning democracy.
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  • Student Voice: What Makes a Livable City

    A 1900’s idea known as “the 15-minute city” is enjoying a renaissance of late. The concept is an approach to urban design that aims to improve quality of life by creating cities (or villages within cities) where everything a resident needs can be reached within 15 minutes by foot or bike.
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  • Students playing

    The York School Builds More Well-Rounded Classes With Kira

    Located in the heart of Toronto, The York School’s strong reputation for innovation helps attract students from around the world. With Kira, the admission committee is able to more confidently build dynamic classes.
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  • The York School Publications

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  • A message to the graduating class of 2020

    It’s June and there are a lot of things outside of our control right now. The future is unpredictable. For the high school graduate who has university waiting on the other side of summer, it can be an especially anxious time. They should be feeling exuberant, but instead they are stepping out of the comfort of routine into the unknown, while the world seems to be set on pause. 
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  • Community Service Week

    Engaged Citizenship at The York School encourages students to attend to the common good and play an active role in the life of the school, their local community and beyond.
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  • Creativity, Activity, Service

    As 'counterbalance' to the academic rigour of school, a Creativity, Activity, Service component to the school curriculum provides students learning through experience along with community involvement.
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  • Developing Digital Citizens

    As part of practising Digital Wellness, parents of students K-12 recently joined Justin Medved, Director of Learning Innovation and Technology and Elissa Kline-Beber, Director of Wellness to an evening session on fostering digital citizenship and wellness.
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  • Global Learning Field Trip

    Over the March Break, two groups of grade 11 students from The York School went on life-changing, life-affirming International Service Trips.
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  • ICE - Solutions Focused and Future Ready

    How The York School's Integrated Canadian Experience Programme promotes solutions-focused thinking to real work challenges among students.
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  • Experience Teaches

    Fostering Positive Student Relationships through Outdoor Education Trips
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  • Students Washing Car

    Car wash in support of global pathways school in India

    Thank you to all who came out to the Car Wash on Saturday supporting Global Pathways School in India.
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  • Experiential Learning

    It’s not about the debate. It’s about making sense of the (sometimes overwhelming) global issues and the confidence that grows as a result. 
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  • For a Lifelong Love of Sport

    In the Junior School, the Athletic Programme is designed to help students understand the values of  enthusiasm, respect and commitment. Sport helps in the  development of these attributes. We value that so many of our Junior School students choose to be student-athletes in either Gladiator Athletic Development Programmes (GADP) or as a member of an Athletic team.
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  • For the love of the game

    Standing between three top-performing athletes and master coaches addressing a
    crowd of parents, York School Director of Athletics Rick DeMarinis states: “The goal is
    to cultivate lifelong athletes, not individuals who are striving to win. We’re here to talk
    about our collective role as adults in realizing that journey for our children.”
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  • Robocup Junior Competition

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  • S.T.E.M.

    The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time to plant one is now. 
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  • Spotlight on Service - TYS in the Community

    York Students work to Eradicate Poverty for Women and Girls
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