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  • Centre for Wellbeing

    New Centre for Wellbeing

    The York School's Wellness programme has a new home base.
    Central to The York School’s approach to education is an appreciation for the importance of supporting the whole child.
    Recently, The York School gathered to celebrate the official opening of the NEW Leigh Family Centre for Wellbeing.
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    Our celebrated “Get Up in the Six” series where students get the opportunity to ask professional athletes and coaches life questions and advice is back! The interviews have been an amazing platform to learn from some great coaches and athletes.
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  • Sky’s the limit at the new Junior School Playground!

    Urban School looks skyward for more room to play
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  • Fireboat by Maira Kalman

    IB in Profile: Learning Through Books

    Teaching about Caring from the ashes of 9/11
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  • #plasticisnotfantastic

    Where Everyday is Oceans Day

    Today’s 11 year old Water Keepers learn from seasoned veterans. Grade 5 students share their passion to protect Oceans at year end exhibition
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  • IB in profile: Creativity, Activity and Service

    York School Students set up a friendship club at the Shining Through Centre and learn a lot about themselves in the process!
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  • Debate Head Captain Ruby G. competes in World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship

    Debate Head Captain Ruby G. competes in World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship (WIDPSC)

    Representing The York School and Canada in this annual international event, this year the tournament was hosted by South Korea, with all events taking place online. Each participant competed in four different events:  
    • Debate 
    • Impromptu Speaking 
    • Persuasive or After Dinner Speaking 
    • Interpretive Reading. 
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  • Short Story Competition Winner - Marshmallows and Missed Friends

    Lauren C. in Grade 10 placed third in the 2021 INCITE writing competition for her short story entitled 'Marshmallows and Missed Friends'.  The theme for this year was 'The Year After' 

    While her story is about her tradition of dressing up in Halloween costumes in May with her friends it’s also a story of growing up and moving on.

    **Tip of the hat to The York School English Department Chair Chloe Edwards and all teachers for cultivating a love for the written word.   
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  • The Demos Project

    What is democracy? Grade 10 World History class reflects

    The word democracy comes to us from ancient Greece, and it conveys a seemingly simple idea: the people (demos) rule or hold power (kratos). Over centuries our ideas of democracy have expanded and evolved, with democracy becoming more inclusive and robust in many ways, yet who counts as the people, how they rule, and where they do so remain eternally up for debate.
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  • The Personal Project, an IB milestone

    As we launch the 2021-2022 Personal Project with this year's Grade 9 class, we take a look at a sample of the completed Student Projects from Grade 10.
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  • Wellbeing Through the Lens of Sport

    The pandemic has shown itself to be one of the most formidable opponents many have ever faced, requiring us to tap into our mental and physical reserves. Nowhere is this more evident than in the field of sport. 
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  • Leadership in Debate

    Earlier this week, 24 debating teams from across North America gathered (virtually) to compete for the Burkett Bowl.
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  • Pinewood Derby Highlights

    Live-streamed to over 100 participants and viewers yesterday, the annual and innovative pinewood derby of promised chills, thrills and spills did not disappoint.
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