Uniform Online Ordering

Uniform ordering has now moved online through www.topmarks.ca

To order uniform items, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Online Orders
2. Enter school code: YOR01
3. Create your account
4. Start shopping!

For questions or assistance with online ordering, please contact TopMarks directly at 1-800-667-7105. Please click below to view our helpful Guide to Uniform Shopping:

If you have uniform items that need to be exchanged for a different size, please contact TopMarks directly at 1-800-667-7105 with your request and new items will be delivered to the school.

General Uniform-Related Information:

Lost and Found: Our Lost and Found is cleared out after each set of Student Centred Interviews and at the end of the year. All clothing items found in the lost and found with name identification are returned to students. Unidentified items that do not have the school branding are donated to charity.

For all students: Uniform items must be clean and in good repair and worn properly such that undergarments or midriffs do not show.

Summer & Winter Uniforms: may be worn in September until Thanksgiving, May and June, although students may be asked to wear the #1 Dress Uniform for special occasions during that time (such as Senior School Closing Ceremonies). Winter uniforms are worn directly after Thanksgiving to May 1. 

Shoes: Dress shoes should be a plain black leather polishable shoe for all grades. Running shoes of any colour can be worn for gym and for the summer uniform (non-skidding soles are preferred to protect the gym floor).

Jewellery: accessories and makeup: We ask students not to accessorize their uniform and to be discreet with personal adornment, whether jewellry or makeup. Hats are not allowed.  

School Swag: including house shirts, athletic hoodies and apparel are not part of the school summer or winter uniform. School swag is to be worn for designated casual days or as member of an athletic team during training or competition days.

Consequences for incorrect uniform: Students who are not wearing the correct uniform will be asked to remedy their uniform. Where a student repeatedly wears non-uniform items, such items may be confiscated on a temporary basis. Certain items may be borrowed from either the Junior School, Middle School or Senior School office on a temporary basis. Senior School students who repeatedly do not bring the proper uniform may be sent home to obtain it.

Casual day dress: On occasion, students are invited to come to school in casual dress. On these days, clothing must be neat, clean and should not display objectionable words, phrases, pictures or symbols. Students must dress respectably and never let their undergarments or midriffs show.

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