The York School Parents' Association (YPA)

The York School Parents' Association's goals are to promote a strong, cooperative and welcoming community and to oversee events that increase spirit and camaraderie. This dual commitment and the superbly executed events that flow from it have always been critical in helping parents and students connect to each other and to the School.

Every parent and guardian is a member of the YPA. The YPA is led by the Executive.

The 2017/2018 YPA Executive is:

President: Jennifer Kernaghan

Vice President: Cindi Alexander

Treasurer: Kerstin Lueck

Secretary & Parent Ambassador: Meredith Gertin

Communications: Erin Iles

Senior School Co-Vice Chairs: Jackie Sklenka & Keddy Williams
Middle School Co-Vice Chairs: Peggy Gardiner & Cristina Sava

Junior School Co-Vice Chairs: Kate Corrin  & Lara Teoli

For more information about getting involved, please contact