Our Commitment to Service Learning

Service Learning is one of the unique opportunities that The York School offers. It promotes social and multicultural awareness, cooperation and leadership, as well as offering students a chance to grow their international understanding and sensitivity to the needs and perspectives of people living in developing regions of the globe.

I never anticipated the strength of connection that I would feel with the students, children and staff I worked with... I am forever changed by this experience.  - Talia Klein ‘13

It’s been absolutely invaluable to see life that differs so greatly from my own, and yet, I’m cognizant of the divide that exists between India and the travellers from York. It’s cool to think that as we continue to connect with, and assist, students at GPS, that gap will continue to shrink. - Benjamin Feldman ‘15

We have established a Bursary Fund to strengthen our commitment to Service Learning at the York School.
Bursaries for Students:
A bursary fund has been established so that York students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in Service Learning trips receive partial or full funding for their trip. The investment you make today will continue to generate income for years to come.  

You are invited to honour your graduating child by becoming one of the founding donors of this new initiative. Your support will establish a legacy for future students. 

India Trip Reflection