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  • Why are we undertaking this project NOW?

    This is the culmination of 8 years of planning. In 2014/15 we finalized our 20/20 Strategic Plan and the renovation of this building was one of the priorities which came forward. First, we finalized the Junior School building to meet the needs of our JK-Grade 5 students. We must now turn our attention to meeting the needs of our Grade 6-12 students and address the creation of a purpose-built school.

  • How will you guarantee that construction will be completed by September 2017? If it is not, what is the contingency plan?

    The construction has been designed in phases to allow adequate time for the build.  The construction company (Venture Construction) is the same company who built the Junior School on time and on budget.  

  • What are the construction hours?

    Pre-construction is set to commence during the 2016 March Break. As with most construction projects, workers will arrive on site early in the morning. However, the most disruptive construction work will take place outside school hours with consideration given to our neighbours.

  • Where will we pick up our children after school?

    One of the major long-term benefits of this renovation is the additional access to the school by parents. We have acquired the full two floors of parking which will include long-term spaces, temporary spaces and drop-off access for parents. It is our expectation that after our year of construction, we will provide an improved and safer pick-up experience, and a much quicker and safer drop-off.

    We are still finalizing our plan for pick-up; however, the major change will be that you will be able to pick up your children using The York School Laneway (south lane) as the school entrance will move to the school’s southernmost point on Yonge Street. Additionally, we are encouraging all Senior School students to use public transit.

  • Where can visitors/parents wait for their child during off peak times? (i.e. attending an appointment)

    As the full parking lot at 1320 is now under our control, we will be allocating specific spaces to dropping off and picking up for off peak times. Cars will be buzzed into the garage based on conversations with reception.

  • How will traffic be managed through the laneway? There could be potential traffic jams on Yonge street trying to enter the laneway.

    We are performing a traffic study to provide more information and we will have an increased presence from our facilities staff during this time. Construction vehicles will not be allowed to arrive between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

  • Will there be any toxic odours that my child may be exposed to during construction?

    We will work with our construction manager to ensure odorous work is done outside of normal operating hours. Our construction manager is experienced working with occupied buildings undergoing construction.

  • How much construction noise can my son/daughter expect to be exposed to during the year?

    The phasing of the construction means that much of the heavy construction will be done during breaks. The work during the school year will be done in phases in which the work area will be sealed off. All efforts will be made to minimize student exposure to disruption.

  • Will the students be in contact with the construction workers?

    No, construction workers will have a dedicated entrance through the garage and will not be accessible to students.

  • Will the noise/dust be unhealthy for the kids - will the construction area always properly be sealed off (i.e no dust, wall segments, etc. travelling through the A/C ducts?)

    Because our building was built in segments, the second and third floors function independently on their own ventilation systems. Therefore there will be limited exposure to dust from the renovation area.

  • How will children exit the building and gather outside during an emergency?

    We will be gathering in our current safe space (on the turf) but we will be accessing it from an alternate route (down the lane). We will address any issues of altered accessibility in consultation with fire authorities along with our annual fire inspection.

  • Is there a danger of asbestos exposure to my son/daughter during construction?

    Since purchasing the building, we have found and remediated all asbestos. We have already done our preliminary review as part of the construction process to confirm that there are no additional risks to our community.

  • Will the gym be always accessible during construction?

    Our gymnasium will be open as usual.

  • Will the kids be able to go out on the turf during recess?

    Yes, it is our expectation that the turf will remain available with very minimal disruption throughout the renovation.

  • Will all the sports team run as normal?

    Yes, this renovation will have no impact on our extra-curricular teams.

  • Is there a cafeteria during construction? Where will students eat?

    It is our expectation that the flex space which is currently being designed will be used as a cafeteria for our students. We are also making plans to have a healthy option available for purchase by our students daily for those students who do not bring their own lunches.

  • Where will students write exams, and particularly IB exams?

    In 2016, IB exams will be hosted in our usual spaces including drama rooms, classrooms etc.

    In 2017, the IB exams will be held in the same spaces - construction will be minimized during that period.

  • Where will community/parent events which have typically used the library and drama room such as coffee mornings and parent evening sessions be held?

    Some events will still be held at 1320 Yonge Street and some events may be relocated to the Junior School library, cafeteria or gathering space when available.

  • Will the construction interfere with students use of the recess area?

    The turf area will still be available for use and alternate spaces will be defined. The courtyard and the area under the gym will be off limits from March 2016 to August 2017.

    The  gym will also be available and classes will continue to offer club activities.

  • Will there be any times when there will be no water/no hydro etc

    No. If any utility needs to be turned off, it will be done after hours or during times when the school is not in session.

  • Will there be any days during construction that will require students being sent home?

    We do not anticipate that any of our students will be sent home during the construction.

  • Will we be informed of the progress of the construction?

    Yes, we will provide regular updates on our construction progress to parents.

  • How will students with physical disabilities move between floors?

    An elevator will be in operation for the entire renovation.

  • Will the total number of students change or be capped? Will class sizes change?

    The school is being retrofitted to meet the needs of our current number of students and there is no intention to significantly grow our current capacity.  

  • Will the tuition fees be affected?

    Tuition fees are tied to the cost of educating your child and are separate from capital costs. If tuition fees rise it is due to the standard increasing cost of education. We currently have a capital campaign, Fast Forward, to raise funds specifically for this build.

  • What is the transition plan from moving to Grade 5 to Grade 6 during the construction?

    Transition plans are in place to run similarly to our existing transition visits to the Middle/Senior School.

  • Are facilities for special programmes still going to be available?

    All special programmes will run with specific space (i.e. science labs, gym, design (new) lab, art (new) space.  Programming for music will have a temporary space.

  • Where will concerts, closing ceremonies, etc. be held?

    We expect to run all curricular programming that we currently run and we are assessing which extra-curricular programming will be affected.

  • Will any older grades temporarily be moved to 1639?

    No, they will not.  

  • What changes in programming will occur as a result of the renovation?

    We do not anticipate any changes to programming as a result of construction.

  • Will Grade 6s have their own classroom?

    Yes, the Grade 6s will have a dedicated homeroom space that will be minimally shared with other groups.

  • Will we still look to adding a third Grade 7 class during this renovation period?

    Yes, we will attempt to have a third Grade 7 homeroom class.

  • My child is in Grade 11 and I'm concerned about his/her finals and potential disruptions.

    Students in Grade 12 will first and foremost have their academics insulated from all foreseeable disruption.

    Exams will happen in the same rooms as they are accustomed to writing them in. Construction will be minimized during these periods. Graduation will be held offsite, which was going to take place regardless given the size of our graduating class.

  • Will Grade 9-12 students with accommodations such as isolation/quiet space have a space to write tests/exams?

    Yes. Students requiring accommodations will have their specific needs met.

  • Will programming be impacted by the renovation?

    No, it will not.

  • Where will the graduation be held?

    Graduation for 2016 and 2017 will be held offsite (location to be announced). This is partially as this year’s graduating class necessitates more space due to numbers.

  • Will there be a social/hang out area for just the Grade 11 and 12s?

    We are planning to have multi-use spaces which can be used by the Grade 11 and 12s to socialize.

    It is our plan to recreate the existing areas and services as best as possible during construction. At this point in the design of our flex space, we cannot guarantee any particular spaces; however, it is our intention that these needs will be met.