The York School Fund is our annual giving program that helps York students shine brighter.


The York School offers a world-class IB education and like all top-tier independent schools we rely on donations to be truly competitive and enable our students and faculty to meet their full potential. While tuition and fees cover our basic operating costs, donations are critical to the program enhancements that make The York School
really shine.

Each priority area is directly linked to our strategic plan in order to support the mission, vision and values of The York School community.

Continue reading to find out how annual donations have made an impact.
Annual donations have enhanced the experience for our JK to Grade 5 students as it pertains to the IB Primary Years Programme, supporting the holistic student experience that is central to the culture and philosophy at the Junior School. Last year, your donations enabled us to:
  • Provide innovative custom furniture for our kindergarten classes and alternative seating for Grades 1-5 conducive to a variety of learning styles

  • Fund visits by prominent children’s authors to engage with our students and inspire a love for reading
Athletics & Wellness are at the core of our objective to support the whole student. The York School strives to build programs that promote healthy minds and bodies among our students. Your donations play a key role in the successful development of these programs and have recently funded:
  • The purchase of new, state-of-the-art equipment for the fitness centre in the Middle and Senior School

  • Recruitment of professional coaches to help our student-athletes reach elite levels

  • A special team-building excursion for international students to help them integrate smoothly into the community
Our Arts programs support the development of the whole student, fostering engagement with creative outlets such as music, drama, media and visual art. Your donations have elevated the student experience in these disciplines in a myriad of ways, including:
  • New equipment for the music department

  • Designing and building customized art tables for the Junior School

  • Plans for major upgrades to the Drama Room

  • The purchase of new camera and lighting equipment for our film students
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Donations enhance our STEM programs by supporting students as they explore this discipline in our design, technology and science spaces. Your support helps our students enhance their understanding and experience practical examples of the STEM field as they explore the natural world. Recent donor-funded purchases that facilitate this learning include:
  • Equipment for chemistry and biology in the Middle and Senior School

  • A BrickPi robot set which allows Middle School students to build and program their own robots

  • iPads that connect with weather monitoring equipment to deepen student exploration and understanding of the environment

The York School prides itself on pushing the boundaries by facilitating learning opportunities outside of traditional classrooms for our students. We strive to provide alternative formats in which to learn and hands on experiences to bring theory into practice. Donations have impacted this priority area by:
  • Offsetting the cost of student travel for international debating tournaments, music performances and even Service Learning initiatives where students give their time in rural India

  • Funding a Diploma Programme retreat for Grade 11 students, fostering a deepened sense of community and confidence for this cohort prior to taking on a new academic challenge

The Head’s Initiative (or area of greatest need) allows our Head of School and Executive Team to “dream big” for The York School. Your gift will support projects deemed high priority by the leadership team for the advancement of the school’s strategic goals. This could include long-term projects or exciting opportunities for our students as they happen, such as the following projects which would not have been possible without your support:
  • The renovations that upgraded our Junior, Middle and Senior School facilities to the modern, multi-purpose learning environments our students enjoy today

  • Senior School students were able to attend a luncheon with Mayor John Tory on the upcoming City budget