Senior School Laptop Programme

New Students entering the Senior School
Grades 9 - 12 students or returning students wishing to purchase a new computer, can choose from one of two Lenovo models or a Macbook Pro. Returning students must have their older Lenovos imaged before they can claim their new machine.

All Lenovo models must be purchased through our reseller. The Macbooks can be purchased either through our reseller or directly from Apple.  Macbooks purchased from Apple need to brought to the IT in order to have school software installed. The Macbook and Lenovo computers will be ready for pick up during the Grade 8 - 12 'Open the Box' event. 

Additionally an annual Software Subscriptions & Digital Licenses fee of $100 will be charged to your account in November. This fee goes directly towards supporting various academic software licenses and the many research tool subscriptions that your son or daughter will be using throughout the year.  
For detailed answers to common questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact Kathleen Peak at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Must my child use the school selected Lenovo Laptop or Apple MacBook?
Yes, your child must use the school selected Lenovo laptop or, if in the senior school, the school selected MacBook.  In order to maintain consistency across the curriculum, the York School has spent countless hours curating a very specific software toolkit that our faculty and students are comfortable and familiar with.  In order to effectively distribute that software, the IT Department has determined that support of a singular model of laptop is paramount.  To that end, the York School selects the chosen model carefully and re-evaluates the options annually.

My child has a York School laptop. Can he or she continue to use it next year?
If your child's laptop is less than 3 years old, it can be used again for the 2016 - 2017 school year.  

It is strongly recommended that students with Lenovo laptops more than three years old purchase a new laptop. 

All Lenovo laptops must be purchased from our reseller, Miad Systems.  Please click the following link to place your order:

What is the deadline for ordering laptops?
All orders should be placed no later than July 15, 2016. This will guarantee that your child's computer is ready for September.

When can my child get his/her laptop imaged?
For the first time in many years, we will not be imaging returning student laptops over the summer.  If you child, however, would like to have his or her computer imaged, the IT Office is open all summer to facilitate this.  New students using their own MacBook or returning students purchasing a MacBook must have their computers imaged.

When will my child receive his/her laptop?
Grade 8 - 12 students will receive their laptops on September 1st at our "Open the Box" event. At this event students will trained on how to handle and take care of their laptop and introduced to all the academic software that we we install on it

Where can I buy the laptop?
All Lenovo laptops must be purchased from our reseller, Miad Systems.  Please click the following link to place your order:

Why does this Lenovo laptop cost more than other available models?
The Lenovo Yoga and T460 Ultrabook are business class models. The price includes not only a manufacturer warranty, but also the Lenovo 3 year Accidental Damage Protection Plan that covers all forms of accidental damage.  All hardware repairs are done onsite by a certified Lenovo technician and your child is issued a loaner computer for the duration of the repair.  Repairs are typically completed within 3 business days.  The Information Technology department supports all software issues and there is never any need to take the laptop to any other service depot.

Lenovo also guarantees that parts will be available for a minimum of 3 years, meaning that there is no need to upgrade the machine for at least three years.

Your child's laptop also comes fully loaded with a specially selected software toolkit that is your available until your child leaves the school.