Service Learning

Our Service Learning Programme promotes social and multicultural awareness, cooperation, empathy and leadership.

Through service learning, our students give back to a variety of communities worldwide in ways that go above and beyond contributing money or goods.
Projects are selected for their longer-term partnership potential where student participation can evolve as these partnerships continue to flourish.
Each year, students are involved in projects such as:

  • providing leadership for children in high priority schools in Toronto through the Right to Play Youth to Youth Programme
  • working with local service agencies, such as the Furniture Bank, Out of the Cold, Dress for Success, and Frontier College
  • engaging in service-oriented trips, such as our world expeditions and some of our challenge week excursions
  • leading awareness campaigns for causes such as United Way, the Terry Fox Foundation, Free The Children, Tim Horton’s Foundation and Camp Oochigeas

York School Service Student Blog

Visit the York School Service student blog to find regular updates on service opportunities for students both within our school community and beyond: