The House System

Student Council

Leadership skills are woven into all aspects of student life from JK to Grade 12.

York School students have many opportunities to assume leadership roles and to have an active voice in student affairs. Students learn responsibility, decision-making, cooperation and self-awareness through the various leadership roles available throughout the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

House System

The York School has four Houses, each named after important figures in Canadian history  two women and two men — to reflect the co-ed nature of the school.  

The House system provides an excellent opportunity for students of all ages and grades to be together, and encourages development of leadership skills. This system was developed in 1982, and has provided a structure for school spirit and fun competition since then.
House competitions are held from time to time, and students can win points for their Houses through a variety of activities within the school setting. At the end of each year, a House Shield is awarded to the House with the highest point total.

Samuel de Champlain
Explorer, cartographer and Governor of New France
Pauline Johnson
Métis poet best known for her poetry celebrating her native heritage
Nellie McClung
A suffragette, reformer, legislator and author
John Graves Simcoe
First lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada, founder of the Town of York

House Crests