Beyond the Classroom

Developing engaged citizens of the world requires a classroom as big and complex as the world; hence, it is no surprise that during the years of growing independence, our Senior School students are encouraged to take on more and more challenges and opportunities beyond the classroom.

The Senior School structures its programmes so that students must step beyond the four walls of the classroom, but it also gives the individual student a wide range of choice in shaping their out-of-the-classroom experiences. In this way, students not only discover what the world is all about, but are able to find their unique place within it.

And as these pages attest, our students can find themselves just about anywhere - on a kayak in Squamish, B.C., in a debating tournament in Hong Kong, at a Model United Nations event in Budapest, in a school for impoverished children in southern India, or leading an assembly in our very own Coliseum.