The Middle and Senior School Library is located at the heart of the school, and serves as a hub of reading, investigation and learning

Welcome Letter from Librarian Sarah Bauld:

Welcome back to the start of another great school year!
Perhaps your child has had his/her nose in a book all summer and perhaps not.  Either way, the chance is high that they’ve been reading …magazines, blogs, twitter feeds, Facebook posts, texts, websites, etc.  The season of research, note taking and reading fiction and non-fiction is fast approaching. 
The Middle and Senior School library is open school days 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Grades 6 - 8 have scheduled library classes once a cycle (80 minutes) and are welcome in the library at any appropriate time. During these classes, students will be introduced to new library purchases, be taught mini-lessons on research, will discuss current events and complete small writing tasks. The senior grades’ library time is booked by individual teachers for research work periods, special presentations, etc. Library classes for any grade are scheduled for individual project and essay research, group class work or project work and assigned or pleasure reading.
Here in the library we offer many resources to help students excel in all that they do.  Each student has access to our Destiny library catalogue, which can be accessed in the library or remotely on their laptop.  The library catalogue allows students to search fiction, non-fiction and DVDs that are physically on the shelf and students have the opportunity to take out, review, recommend or place holds on any of these items. Title Peek is a very helpful function on Destiny that allows you to read about the book and even a passage from the book. Selecting a new book has never been easier! Virtual shelves exist on the site for students to place books into either a, ‘Have Read’, ‘Want to Read’ or ‘Now Reading’ shelf.  Similar to a social networking site, Destiny has a feature where you can make friends within your school community.  Friends will be alerted to new books friends have read and they can recommend titles to one another.  By the time a student reaches their graduating year, a healthy accomplished list will have developed.  
Our library houses 15,000 titles, of which 5 000 are fiction.  We also have an extensive range of French, Spanish and Mandarin books at various levels of ability.  An electronic library was implemented last year and students are instructed at the beginning of the year how to easily download our growing collection of books and audio books. You will never hear a student say they can’t find anything to read!
Blackboard is used by all teachers for each course and that also includes the library.  This is a great place to start research.  In the course entitled Middle and Senior School Library you will find many data bases, journals, and websites that are grouped by subject. There is also a tab entitled Bibliography, and it must be referred to for accurate and easy citation.
Please make yourself familiar with all the library has to offer and know that there will always be someone here waiting to guide your children in the right direction. 

Library Resources

Print Collection
The Middle and Senior School Library at 1320 Yonge Street contains a vast selection of young adult and adult literature and an excellent collection of non-fiction titles that have been chosen to serve our curricular needs.
Digital Resources
As part of The York School’s commitment to technology and to complement the School’s print collection, appropriate digital resources are made available to our students and faculty.
These include subscription databases, web portals, digital journals and subject-specific web pages that have been identified by our teacher librarians to complement the IB curriculum.
Through The York School’s online course management software, Blackboard, these resources are always available to the students in the classroom, the library and at home.
The library is available to all members of the school community for individual and group work, classes, meetings, social events and training opportunities.

Visit The York School's Online Library Catalogue and Digital Library.