Visual Arts

In keeping with the IB vision, we aim to instill visual literacy in our students, and at the same time encourage moral and personal growth and a sense of responsibility to the global community.

Through creative exploration, students develop skills in drawing, digital images, painting, print making and sculpture. Students explore the elements and principles of art to understand how visual design can convey symbolic messages. The relevance of art history and aesthetic theories are considered through the study and research of specific artists, cultures and art movements, both past and present.  Students further their oral, written, and artistic skills, their creative and critical thinking, their ability to act as independent learners and their personal understanding and appreciation of studying art from a variety of cultures.

Highlights Include:

  • Trips to local art exhibits
  • Annual arts trip to a major US city
  • Arts exhibits in December and April

Senior School Winter Art Show: Part 1

Senior School Winter Art Show: Part 2

Senior School Student Films