An education in the arts teaches students to perceive and think in new ways.
Creativity, reasoning, imagination, intuition and art-specific skills are all developed as students learn to build bridges between verbal and non-verbal communication, and logic and emotion. At the Senior School level students may choose to study Drama, Music, Visual Arts and (at grades 11 and 12) Film.

The Arts programmes at York help our students:

  • develop a lifelong enjoyment of the arts
  • become informed, reflective and critical practitioners in the arts
  • understand the dynamic and changing nature of the arts
  • explore and value the diversity of arts across time, place and cultures
  • develop perceptual and analytical skills
In particular, we provide opportunities for students to create and to perform, both in the classroom and as part of our co-curricular programming. Students can participate in arts nights, assemblies, coffee houses, plays, musicals, inter-scholastic festivals and music, film and visual arts trips.