I.T. Support

We know that our success as innovators requires a high degree of technology support, so we have put the resources in place to ensure that all of our programs run smoothly.
We have a help desk operated by dedicated IT staff that is available year round to students and teachers for software and hardware support and computer repair. We have Technology and Learning specialists who guide students and teachers through technology initiatives, issues and projects. We also offer specific technology classes and individual sessions for students to assist them with a wide array of issues and processes.
Students benefit from ongoing support with the care of their laptops including maintenance, software use, file management, and back-up alternatives, and they learn about document sharing, tablet use, presentations and social media interfaces.
We also offer individual sessions and technology classes because we take responsibility for assisting them as they navigate through the complexities and challenges of their online experience by developing their digital citizenship.
The School’s commitment to technology includes investing heavily in professional development for classroom teachers and technology integration specialists to ensure that their skills and knowledge are current. For example, two of our teachers were recently certified by Google and are among the small group of only 11 teachers in Ontario with that designation.
We have an extensive network of in-house and external professional development opportunities that ensure our faculty are capable of optimizing the value of the available technology. And we offer classroom teachers embedded support during lessons through our technology specialists so that they can confidently explore new curricular initiatives.