In the Classroom

As one of Canada's most established "wired" schools, The York School continues to integrate technology in innovative ways while ensuring that students and faculty use these tools proficiently and responsibly.

The York School has one of the oldest and most established one-to-one laptop programmes in the country, which began 14 years ago. Since then, we have been a leader in meaningful and innovative technology integration. We see student-owned laptops as a tool for learning that creates exciting opportunities in every subject area.
New students entering the Middle School (Grades 6-8) next year are required to purchase the new and exciting Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga. This hybrid laptop/tablet PC is integrated throughout the curriculum and is an important part of the Middle School learning toolkit.
Students entering the Senior School (Grades 9-12) can choose from one of two Lenovo models or a MacBook Pro. Historically, The York School has been a PC-only environment, but over the past year we have been testing and building a York School Mac software package that gives students and teachers access to everything they have come to rely on in both platforms. We are excited to announce that testing is complete, and we can confidently support both Macs and PCs going forward.
Once the purchasing options are finalized, parents will be directed to our reseller, MIAD Systems, for all laptop purchases, including the MacBooks. As always, no matter the model of laptop you choose, The York School will provide onsite hardware repairs and software support. 
Visit our Middle and Senior Resources page for our digital resource collection.