Extensive Resources

The resources available to our students are constantly expanding and include the most beneficial options available on the market.
Led by our one-to-one laptop program in the Middle and Senior Schools and an extensive network of laptops, desktops and iPads in the Junior School, our students have constant access to the resources they need, including a secure, robust and wireless LAN, numerous printers and scanners, and digital cameras, voice recorders, digital probes and tablets.
We also equip every classroom with a mounted digital projector, interactive whiteboard and audio equipment. Wireless access points throughout the School ensure connection to online encyclopedias, databases, news services, global communications and video-streaming in every room. 
Of particular note are two of our online document and information systems. Students in the Middle and Senior Schools are supported by the Blackboard course management system, which provides access to course materials and assignments, primary sources, images, readings, pertinent websites and many other learning aids. Blackboard gives teachers and students the benefit of ongoing organizational help and data accessible 24/7 via the Internet. Also, our faculty and students make extensive use of the various Google Docs applications for interactive document sharing, writing processes and collaboration.