Learning and Wellness

The middle years are a time of unparalleled growth and change for students. The York School has designed a programme to fully support this time of academic and personal development.

Learning Skills and Executive Function
At the Middle School, the focus is on developing learning skills to provide the foundation for academic success.

Homeroom Teachers
Homeroom teachers are one of the pivotal pieces to a student’s ability to flourish in the Middle School.  They are the key contact for students and parents for all academic, pyscho-social issues.

In Middle School, each student is assigned to one of two counsellors who are available to assist with the academic, psycho-social and emotional counselling of our students. Since the essence of the counsellor’s role begins with understanding the whole child, each student remains with the same counsellor through Grades 6 to 8 to ensure continuity of care. The counsellors meet regularly with students, individually and in small group situations. They are important resource persons for both students facing personal issues and for the teaching faculty who also advise our students. As a team, Counsellors and the Homeroom teacher work together to support and guide each student toward his/her personal best.
Advisor Sessions
Advisor sessions provide support in learning, life and relationship skills. With a focus on life skills, executive functioning, academic integrity,  interpersonal and intrapersonal development, the counsellors for Grades 6 through 8, as well as homeroom teachers promote the skills set that will ultimately prepare them for a smooth transition to the Senior School.

Learning Resource Associate Teacher
A full-time Learning Resource Associate teacher is available to all Middle School students. Working alongside with subject teachers in classes, as well as one-to-one with students, the focus is on developing learning skills and strategies for academic success.