IB Middle Years Programme

The chief aim of the IB Middle Years Programme is to provide a well-rounded education in which students learn to the best of their ability, and are well-prepared for the next stage of their education.

Three fundamental concepts underpin the Middle Years Programme:

Holistic /Global Education: The MYP seeks to increase the student’s awareness and understanding of both the separate identities of the various subject areas and their inter-relatedness. From this foundation it aims to increase a student’s perception of the problems of the real world and to find solutions to them.

Communication Language: Learning is emphasized as a tool for the acquisition of all knowledge. Effective written and oral expression enables the student both to fit into society by communicating with others, and to develop his/her individuality

Intercultural Awareness: The MYP encourages an international perspective by awakening in young people an interest in the diverse cultures and attitudes of people, as well as celebrating their own unique heritage; by making them aware of the fundamental, positive values of the common heritage of human beings and by encouraging intercultural awareness.