In the Classroom

In the Junior School, technology skills are integrated into the curriculum and taught on a "just in time" basis. Students see technology as a tool to learn, communicate and present information. All Junior School teachers are trained in the use of available technologies, and we also offer a full-time Technology Learning and Teaching Coordinator who is available in and out of the classroom to support teachers and students.
Junior School students have easy access to computers and tablets, and we integrate technology into a wide range of teaching and learning activities that cater to students' needs. This early exposure ensures that their technological capabilities develop alongside their other skills and gives them the comfort they need as they move up through the school.
Students in Kindergarten use desktop computers and a SmartTable to access resources and games which stimulate their learning, and students in Grade 1 use desktops with carefully chosen software. Students in Grades 2 to 5 use laptops in the classroom to facilitate the seamless integration of technology.
As well, Apple iPads are used at all grade levels to access websites and participate in online learning activities that complement the curriculum.
At all levels, students are assisted by their teachers in the use of computers and software to ensure a strong foundation of computer literacy. Skills include keyboarding, file organization, building multimedia presentations, electronic communication, information retrieval and management, as well as the development of responsible digital citizenship.
Software includes the Microsoft Office Suite, the Adobe Digital School collection, multimedia presentation software, concept mapping software, music software and a wide range of curriculum-related applications to support learning needs.
Visit our Junior School Resources page for our digital resource collection.