Student Recognition

It is our belief that through developing the attitudes and attributes of the Learner Profile, as well as through recognizing student-initiated actions and their involvement in student life, our school can inspire children to make a difference in the world.

Students who consistently display specific PYP attitudes and Learner Profile attributes, attitudes and attributes to which all students should strive, everywhere in the school and toward all members of the school community, are recognized in their class each month and their names are displayed for the month.

Students earn 15 House points per term for each co-curricular activity in which they participate such as Student Council, choir, Glee Club, art club, Geography Club, being a study buddy, the After-Four programmes, the sports development league, as well as U10 and U11 sports teams. Students start to earn House points in Grade 1 and they are cumulative through to the end of Grade 5. Students are recognized at special Student Recognition Assemblies during the year and receive a pin for their participation. There are four levels for students to work towards:

150 points – Bronze level
300 points – Silver level
450 points – Gold level
600 points - Platinum level

Students who take action arising from genuine concern and commitment, which makes a difference in their own community or beyond, are recognized in their classrooms and at special Student Recognition Assemblies during the year.

In the last year of the Primary Years Programme, Grade 5 students are eligible to receive one of the four awards which are presented at the Junior School Closing. All staff is involved in the selection process, which is based on students meeting the criteria outlined in the descriptors of the awards. Each award is given to two students, one from each Grade 5 class. The following is the list of Junior School Awards:

Inquiry Award

The Inquiry Award is given to the student who has a natural curiosity, applies thinking skills critically and creatively, actively engages in the learning process, approaches complex problems with enthusiasm, and in so doing, acquires an in-depth knowledge and understanding across disciplines.

Fellowship Award

The Fellowship Award is given to the student who is caring and principled, showing empathy, compassion and respect for all members of the school community, and acting with integrity and honesty.

Spirit Award

The Spirit Award is given to the student who participates actively in all facets of school life, and whose contribution and attitude enrich these experiences for all members of the community.

The York School Award

The York School Award is given to the student who best exemplifies all that The York School stands for - academic achievement, fellowship, and participation in sports and co-curricular activities.