Outdoor Education

Junior School students need opportunities to engage with their bodies in the world outside. Students in Grade 4 and 5 participate in an overnight outdoor education experience.

Our programmes are designed to build community, enrich curricular content and help build interpersonal skills. The trip is always a highlight of the year. The peaceful environment helps to lift the pressures of city life and help the community focus on the tasks at hand while having a good dose of fun!
In the past, students have learned about watersheds, lakes, biodiversity, ecosystems, sustainability, survival, stewardship, and pollution. They are always active in their research and are often asked to support their units of inquiry by collecting, analyzing and bringing materials back to the classroom to complete summative tasks.


To complement our outdoor educational programme, students take part in urban day trips to places such as:

  • Humber Arboretum
  • The Kortright Centre
  • Norval
  • Rosehill Reservoir
  • Horseshoe Valley Ski Centre
  • The Toronto Zoo
  • The Ontario Science Centre
  • Downey’s Farm
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • McMichael Art Gallery