Learning and Wellness

Support Services

All York School students are given the means to achieve to their personal best. Individual attention, small class sizes and our focus on the whole child help us to identify exceptional children and offer them the support they need to excel.
In partnership with parents, The York School offers several services including one-on-one and/or small group remediation and/or extension, individual or small-group instruction, curriculum accommodations, short-term and long-term goal setting.

Junior School Counsellor

Amy Faba is the Junior School Counsellor who works with the teachers, the students and the parents on social and emotional well-being within the Junior School. With the classroom teachers, Amy creates and delivers a curriculum for social and emotional wellness of all students from JK to Grade 5 in order to comprehensively meet the needs of learners. 


There is a school-wide initiative on finding a culture of kindness in our school community and an essential agreement that guides the teachers in its implementation. The essential agreement includes using a common language throughout the Junior School of ‘friendship moves’/helping words or actions and ‘friendship blocks’/hurtful words or actions when talking to the students about behavioural expectations. Teachers have an “Appreciation” box in the classroom and find time in class on a weekly basis to share the appreciations that students have written about their fellow classmates or about their families, the country we live in and so on.  

Our objective is to foster a heightened sense of appreciation and gratitude in our community. We focus attention on developing good manners in our students in all aspects of school life – in the hallways, stairwells, cafeteria, playground and in interactions with adults and peers. The teachers help students see the kindness growing in their classroom by using a visual marker such as a paper clip chain or a jar of tokens to which teachers add a clip or a token when they notice students’ friendship moves or green light behaviours.

Throughout the year,students and teachers practise Mindfulness techniques in the classroom. In a fast paced age of technology and busy schedules, helping students more closely attend to themselves and the things around them can contribute to their awareness of both essential internal and external messages. The mindfulness sessions concentrate on movement, facial expressions, and feelings of gratitude, kindness and friendship. The ultimate goal is to promote a classroom environment and community which fosters empathy and understanding.