Step 3: Apply

Follow these steps to create your account and start an application:
  • Click the red 'Apply Now' button
  • Select ‘Create Account’ to create a YorkNet username and password
  • Enter your basic information
  • If the system recognizes your email address, the field will be highlighted in red after you click ‘Submit’
  • If this occurs, click ‘Forgot Login?’ and enter your email address. You will receive an automatic reply containing your new YorkNet username and password
  • Once you sign in, you can start the online application process and access your child’s profile. Through this profile, you can upload all supporting documentation and track your child’s progress through the admission process. A separate application and profile must be created for each child who is applying.
If you run into any issues, contact Admissions at or at 416-646-5275

What documentation is required?

Supporting documents are required to complete the application. These documents can be uploaded directly to the applicant’s admissions progress checklist:

  • Applicant photo
  • Applicant’s birth certificate or passport (showing date of birth)
  • 2017-18 Progress Report Card (SK - Grade 11)
  • 2016-17 Final Report Card (SK - Grade 11)
  • 2015-16 Final Report Card (Grade 1 - 11)
  • Psychological Educational Assessment Report and Individual Learning or Education Plan (if applicable)
  • English language proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) for Grade 6 - 11 applicants whose first language is not English

Grade 6 - 11:  Additional steps to complete an application:

  • Submission of a Reference Form to be completed by a teacher at your child’s current school and sent directly to the Admission department. The Reference Form is a fillable fields PDF that can be downloaded from the Admissions Progress Checklist.
  • Completion of an online video admission interview and timed written response. This can be done from the comfort of the applicant’s home on their own time. A link to access the online video platform will be sent to parents via email upon submission of the application form.

A note about the SSAT

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is a common assessment tool used by independent schools. While The York School does not require the SSAT for admission, applicants who take the SSAT are asked to include The York School in the list of schools results are submitted to.

Early Action Round
The York School offers an Early Action opportunity for families who:
  • have done their research and have decided that The York School is the top choice for their child(ren)
  • already have a child at The York School and are looking to have a sibling join the community
  • have a child/children applying to the Junior School and to the Middle/Senior School divisions
Applying for Early Action means that families will both apply earlier than the regular Common Offer Date Round deadline and will find out earlier whether or not their child(ren) got accepted.
How does Early Action work at The York School?
Candidates applying to Grade 2 - 11 for Early Action must demonstrate:
  • A- average or higher in their previous two school years (2015-16 and 2016-17)
  • leadership/initiative in at least one co-curricular or extracurricular activity (i.e. athletics, the arts, community service)
  • a strong online admission interview (Grade 6 and up)
  • a successful Day Visit to The York School (local candidates only)
The application deadline for The York School’s Early Action Round is November 15, 2017. With the exception of the 2017-18 Progress Report which will not be available yet, all application instructions and required materials are the same as for the Common Offer Date Round. Candidates will be invited to complete the online admission interview and to come for a Day Visit at The York School by December 1, 2017.
On December 8, 2017, candidates will receive one of three admission decisions:
  1. Offer of Place - Candidates who receive an Offer of Place will be given until December 15, 2017 to confirm their spot with payment of the non-refundable registration fee ($7,000) and the first tuition instalment ($5,000). Early Action Round decisions are binding; families accepting a place at The York School in the Early Action Round commit to attending the school. Candidates who are accepted during the Early Action Round cannot decline the offer and request to be considered in the Common Offer Date Round instead.

  2. Accepted Waitpool - Candidates who meet all admission requirements, but cannot be offered a place on December 8 because a space is not available, will be placed in an Accepted Waitpool and will be considered in the Common Offer Date Round. Candidates placed in the Accepted Waitpool are encouraged to apply to other schools.

  3. Reject - Candidates who do not meet our minimum admission requirements will be informed. Their application will not be considered during the Common Offer Date Round.
Admission decisions will be released via email and will also be published on the candidate’s Decision tab on YorkNet.
What about entrance scholarships or financial aid for Early Action Round candidates?
All candidates applying to Grade 6 - 11 are automatically considered for merit-based entrance scholarships of up to $20,000. Candidates will be informed of any scholarships being awarded at the time of acceptance.
The York School does award some bursaries based on need. Families must submit an application to Apple Financial Services at the same time as The York School application and request that the report be sent to The York School for review.

Admission Deadlines: