Step 3: Apply

The application for September 2018 is now available!

Follow these steps to create your account and start an application:

  • Click the red 'Apply Now' button
  • Select ‘Create Account’ to create a YorkNet username and password
  • Enter your basic information
  • If the system recognizes your email address, the field will be highlighted in red after you click ‘Submit’
  • If this occurs, click ‘Forgot Login?’ and enter your email address. You will receive an automatic reply containing your new YorkNet username and password
  • Once you sign in, you can start the online application process and access your child’s profile. Through this profile, you can upload all supporting documentation and track your child’s progress through the admission process. A separate application and profile must be created for each child who is applying.
If you run into any issues, contact Admissions at or at 416-646-5275

What documentation is required?

Supporting documents are required to complete the application. These documents can be uploaded directly to the applicant’s admissions progress checklist:

  • Applicant photo
  • Applicant’s birth certificate or passport (showing date of birth)
  • 2017-18 Progress Report Card (SK - Grade 11)
  • 2016-17 Final Report Card (SK - Grade 11)
  • 2015-16 Final Report Card (Grade 1 - 11)
  • Psychological Educational Assessment Report and Individual Learning or Education Plan (if applicable)
  • English language proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) for Grade 6 - 11 applicants whose first language is not English

Grade 6 - 11:  Additional steps to complete an application:

  • Submission of a Reference Form to be completed by a teacher at your child’s current school and sent directly to the Admission department. The Reference Form is a fillable fields PDF that can be downloaded from the Admissions Progress Checklist.
  • Completion of an online video admission interview and timed written response. This can be done from the comfort of the applicant’s home on their own time. A link to access the online video platform will be sent to parents via email upon submission of the application form.

A note about the SSAT

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is a common assessment tool used by independent schools. While The York School does not require the SSAT for admission, applicants who take the SSAT are asked to include The York School in the list of schools results are submitted to.

Early Action Programme

The York School offers an Early Action opportunity for families who have completed a thorough school search and are certain that The York School is their first or only choice for their child(ren). If this is the case for your family, we encourage you to apply through our Early Action Programme to have your child(ren) considered among our first round of applicants. This head start gives families an opportunity to make this important decision early and allows successful candidates the opportunity to complete the remainder of the current year knowing that they have attained a place for their next school. For candidates with younger siblings applying to the Junior School, this can be a wonderful opportunity to ensure that siblings are able to be at the same school.

The application deadline for our Early Action Programme is November 15th. Offers will be extended to successful applicants by December 8th. Candidates who receive an Offer of Place will be given until December 15th to confirm their early offer of place.

Applying to The York School through the Early Action Programme requires candidates (Grades 2 - 11) to demonstrate their academic and co-curricular strengths during the previous two years of study. As such, candidates being considered in our Early Action Programme must demonstrate the following criteria:
  • Strong academic standing in their previous two school years or 80th percentile on recent SSAT (if applicable)
  • Demonstrated leadership/initiative in at least one co-curricular or extracurricular activity (i.e. club, athletics, music, drama, debate, community service)
  • A successful visit to The York School which will include and on-site administered internal assessment

Admission Deadlines: