Our Global Perspective

Every aspect of The York School program is designed to promote the integrative and interconnected thinking required in a global context.
At a curricular level, this goal is achieved through the priorities of the IB curriculum. By emphasizing thinking and inquiry, and encouraging students to ask meaningful and complex questions about issues in the world, our curriculum encourages deep learning and broad perspectives.
We also integrate advanced technologies, which help our students approach existing knowledge in new ways and connect to trends and events around the world. This approach includes our one-to-one laptop program, which was the first of its kind in Canada, and the use of technologies such as SmartBoards, tablets and Google resources. Our two Google-Certified teachers are members of an elite group of only 11 such teachers in Ontario.
Beyond the classroom, we promote a global mindset through hands-on, real world experiences that enrich learning and connect students to themselves and the world. This approach includes global trips and service activities in countries such as Tanzania, India and Martinique.
Last, our community itself rounds out our commitment to global perspectives. Close to 20% of our families are from outside Canada, our faculty has international teaching and learning experience, and Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world.