Excursions & Trips

With a strong commitment to engage in experiential learning, curriculum-driven day and overnight field trips take place at different points throughout the school-year.

Outdoor Education
Outdoor education provides opportunities for hands-on, experiential, challenging and engaging learning.

At the beginning of each academic year, there is a key focus on building community and promoting collaboration skills. Middle School students start the year with an overnight outdoor excursion. Developing an awareness and connection to the natural world and a sense of responsibility for our environment leads to resilient and caring youth.

These values continue to be fostered throughout Middle School in other outdoor day programmes and are embedded thematically throughout our students' tenure at The York School.

Our programme encourages students to grow through teamwork, positive leadership and individual risk-taking, providing the confidence to utilize these learner attributes in other areas of their lives. Reflecting on these experiences in a formal manner also supports and extends the learning process in the International Baccalaureate programme leading to more engaged environmental stewards.

Challenge Week
During Challenge Week students are asked to extend themselves beyond their comfort zone to gain the skills and confidence to learn through experience. Challenge Week is a mandatory part of the curriculum in the Middle School, sending students on a variety of excursions over the course of a week during the month of May.

Each experience connects our students to the world beyond our classroom walls and links directly to a course of study at their grade level.

Challenge Week is one of the most important platforms in which the Learner Profile of the MYP Programme is developed through experience. Becoming risk-takers, inquirers, communicators and open-minded, caring citizens are concrete outcomes that support our International Baccalaureate Programme.

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