Junior School Spring Menu Week 2

Spring Menu Week 2
JK- Grade 5

Teriyaki Beef with Edamame and Asian Rice Pilaf
DESSERT – Apple Crumble
SNACKS –Smoked Turkey and Whole Wheat Pita
Juicy Royal Gala Apples

BBQ Dry Rub Raised Chicken and Potato Salad and Broccoli
DESSERT - Variety of Fresh Whole Fruits
SNACKS – Mini Whole Wheat Bagel and Cream Cheese
Sliced Seedless Watermelon

Turkey Taco with Shredded Jack Cheese and Homemade Salsa
DESSERT – Raisin Bran Muffins
SNACKS – Vanilla Yogurt Cups
Navel Oranges

Grilled Flank Steak with Caesar Salad
DESSERT – Variety of Fresh Whole Fruits
SNACKS – Sliced Cheddar and Whole Wheat Crackers
Fresh Seedless Grapes

Baked Cod Nuggets with Crispy Baked Potato Wedges and Coleslaw
DESSERT – Homemade Cookies
SNACKS –Mini Carrot Muffins
Sweet Golden Pineapple

+Daily Salad Bar and Homemade Soup

*All Chicken Raised Naturally without Antibiotics
*All Dressings and Sauces Made in House

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