The Benefits of Co-Education

Every day, across the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools, our students connect with each other and the wider world while embracing differences and finding common 

Co-education confers many social benefits. In research conducted by The Strategic Counsel, students report that they feel more confident expressing their views in the presence of opposite-sex peers than those in single-sex environments. They are also more likely to make friends with members of the opposite sex, and they report lower levels of harassment and bullying than their single-sex peers.*

Long-term social and emotional success and understanding relationships begins with a co-ed experience. Girls and boys do not have competing learning needs. There are no pink and blue brains. Leading educational research illustrates that every student is an individual learner with varied interests, talents and identity markers. At The York School, we do away with those Mars vs. Venus stereotypes and embrace what we know to be true: the best learning happens in extraordinary academic environments full of diverse beliefs, pursuits and backgrounds, and guided by excellent classroom teachers.
Co-education reflects the reality of an increasingly open and interconnected world that requires strength of character and citizenship. Our students are enthusiastically accepted for who they are and they become exceptionally well-prepared for the future.

After all, real life is co-ed.

*The Strategic Counsel, a Toronto-based market research firm, interviewed 17,798 high school students in 2006 and published these findings in a report, The Benefits of the Co-educational Environment.

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